Izard Weston provides practical legal services and advice of the highest standard to its clients in New Zealand and abroad

In business, as in life, we are known by the company we keep; we are proud of the long-standing relationships we have forged with many leading public and private sector clients.

One of the reasons why we develop long-standing relationships with our clients is that we have a genuine interest in the activities they undertake. Izard Weston boxes above its weight. It is a firm that matches Wellington’s market. That is unique in providing a full range of legal services from leading practitioners in a compact, focused and personalised way without the overheads which drive costs up.

Our clients want the services of highly competent lawyers who can deliver excellent, pragmatic legal services at a reasonable cost. Izard Weston meets these three key objectives:

  • Expertise: Our partners are leading practitioners in their respective fields.
  • Better service: We provide truly personalised, fleet-footed service, without faceless lawyers or unknown delegation.
  • Lower cost: Our partner and staff solicitor rates are significantly lower than those charged by national firms.

The firm’s composition and approach is not a product of past market trends, of national or international targets or of the expectations from out-of-town boardrooms. It has consistently declined invitations to become part of something else, to take on large teams or to become, in other ways, something it is not. That is because it has never wanted to be anything other than what it is; a firm of specialist partners supported by a team of the brightest solicitors available providing personalised legal services of the highest quality to New Zealand’s commercial and public sectors at a reasonable cost. It is a position we have maintained for over 150 years

Our partners make themselves directly available to clients. Izard Weston partners are personally involved with every client file and actually do client work, rather than just supervise other staff. When you engage our firm, you benefit from the expertise of our partners.