Public and Administrative

Izard Weston provides legal services to a broad range of Crown entities, other statutory and public sector bodies and to government departments

We offer advice on compliance issues and all exercises of statutory and public functions. We have assisted our clients with statutory interpretation and Bill of Rights issues, and aided with the drafting of legislation and statutory rules.

We have advised a large number of statutory and regulatory boards on the conduct of disciplinary hearings and the natural justice issues that arise in that arena.

We assist our clients in establishing and complying with decision making processes.

We provide advice to our public sector clients on issues of confidentiality, privacy and the Official Information Act. When it has proved necessary, we have liaised with the Ombudsman.

We have a wealth of experience in the conduct of judicial review and other public law litigation and have assisted our clients with parliamentary proceedings (including representation at select committees and liaising with government and other members of parliament).

We provide both our public and private sector clients with advice on governance issues and the proper management of conflicts of interest.

Izard Weston has experience in procurement and tendering in the public sector.

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