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Izard Weston offers personal and practical advice in relation to trusts, estate planning and risk management

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We work with you and your accounting advisers to establish durable structures that help protect your personal assets.


There are a number of reasons for setting up a trust, such as creditor and insolvency claims if you are in business, vulnerability to being sued if you are a professional, and protection from relationship property claims. Trusts can also assist you with succession planning between generations.


Estate planning involves more than just setting up appropriate ownership structures. You must also have a will which is compatible with your ownership structures and you should have current powers of attorney in order to ensure that your wishes and plans can be carried out when you die or should you lose capacity. We aim to ensure your intentions will be carried out and that there will be consistency between the administration of your trust assets and your personal estate at all times, especially following your death.


We advise on the establishment and administration of trusts, the proper exercise of trustees’ duties, compliance with legislative requirements and assigning powers associated with the appointment and removal of trustees to your nominated delegate, if you lose capacity. Our personalised service also includes accepting appointment, predominantly through personalised trustee companies, as an independent trustee of our clients’ trusts, and assisting with the ongoing management and administration of your trust and its assets.


We can provide and implement practical strategies for managing risk and protecting your assets over your lifetime which are tailored to suit your current personal and business circumstances and your likely future requirements. 


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